PBT is a kind of engineering plastics with excellent properties, which has good toughness, fatigue resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, electric property and low water absorption. Modify PBT with GF and flame retardant can largely improve heat resistance, modulus, dimension stability and flammability, and widely used in automobile, electric & electron areas, etc.
Grades Characteristics Application (Case Share) Product Data Sheet MSDS UL
Auto Household Appliances High-end Consumer Electronics Others ASTM ISO
3750G 50%GF Outside Rear-view Mirror
3710G 10%GF IP & Console
3720G 20%GF IP & Console
3730G 30%GF Head LampIP & ConsoleOutside Rear-view Mirror
3740G 40%GF Outside Rear-view Mirror
3010FR High Flow
3012FR High Impact
3013FRW Weather Resistance,Heat Resistance
3710FG 10%GF
3720FG 20%GF
3730FG 30%GF Motor Fan
3735FG 35%GF
3710FG-NH Non-Halogen,10%GF
3720FG-NH Non-halogen,20%GF
3730FG-NH Non-Halogen,30%GF
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